My battlestation.

My Battlestation.

Yes, that is a shot from five minutes ago.  That’s my nerd-cave right there, my Battlestation with a capital “B”.  It’s blogging time again, and I thought I would fill you guys and gals in on some of the changes that I’ve made, and just give you a glimpse into what has been going on.  Give you a peek into my world, so to speak.

First of all, you may notice a few things above.  Yes, that is a full-sized, poster quality map from The Sentient Fire.  Beside it is an actual painting of Maaz given to me for Christmas by Jason Peek.  It’s true–his eyes follow me around the room, and I have to admit that the painting is one my favorite things on the planet.  Beneath the map you may notice a series of scribbled pages taped to the back wall.  That, my friends, is the hand-written rough outline for the last third of The Awakening Storm.

That’s right; I took it to the page and attacked the problem old-school style.

It’s daunting for me to realize how much has happened in the story since I left off with TSF, and just how many spoilers I would let go if I talked about it at all.  Just to show you guys, though–it is getting crazy around here.  It always does, toward the end.

You may have noticed a few changes in my little corner of the interwebs.  I’ve moved my main blog away from Tumblr and set up shop at WordPress, mainly for integration reasons.  The Tumblr blog is still active, but it is fed from WordPress now and I no longer use Tumblr first-hand.  You readers know how sporadically I use social media anyway, but now you’ll mostly find me checking my WordPress and Facebook, and maybe tooling around on Goodreads every now and then.

One thing I am excited about, though, is the new mailing list.  Head on over to and sign up for The Conclave.  Think of it more as a membership than a mailing list.  Sure, I’ll be sending emails out once a month, but more than that I’ll also be letting exclusive content, members-only deals, and giveaways go from time to time.  Every piece of correspondence you’ll receive as a member of The Conclave will be from me, personally.  You’ll know everything first and get a chance at everything first.  It’s completely free, by the way, and the only information required is your email.  Nothing gets collected and sold to any third party.  Sign up here today.  Unless, you know…you don’t like free stuff.

I’m also stoked to announce that on May 25th I’ll be featured on r/Fantasy as the Writer of the Day!  For all you fellow redditors out there, head over to the subreddit r/Fantasy and look for me on the 25th.  I’ll be answering questions about anything and everything, and I’m excited to possibly talk to fans and strangers alike.  I’ll be online during the day starting at 9am.  While you’re there, browse around the subreddit, there’s plenty of interesting links and discussions to be had.

Anyway, gang, things here are looking great.  TAS is coming along, and we’re finally getting close to the end of that long, long road.  I’m looking forward to it just as much as you are.

Then, it’ll be time for Book Three.

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