The Last Days of the Sony Vaio

She was a good computer.  Fast, with a dedicated graphics card and lots of software.  We had many adventures, R.I.P.

So yes, my computer died the digital death recently.  I was right in the middle of trying to update my website, and it had a fatal error.  I’m fairly sure it was a problem with a power converter or something–the thing would only draw enough power for the HDD to spin up.  It wasn’t the end of the world, though.

I had my writing backed up, of course.

I took it as a sign that it was time to upgrade.  We’re now back in business, with a new computer and an entirely new operating system, too.  It took me forever to get Windows 8 to behave, believe me.  Many of the features on this thing just make me wonder “why?”, but I figured it out soon enough.  Despite the catastrophe, The Awakening Storm is now within 100 pages of being finished.  A few more chapters, and it’ll be time for editing.

I also wanted to announce the possibility of having TSF and TAS produced as audiobooks.  It will be later this year–after the release of The Sentient Fire revised–but there is a plan in the works to have the books, or at the least the first one, on Audible by Christmas.  Maybe sooner.

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