Tentative Release Dates: The Awakening Storm & The Sentient Fire, revised

The Sentient Fire, The Seven Signs Book One, revised

The Sentient Fire, The Seven Signs Book One, revised

The Awakening Storm Cover

The Awakening Storm, The Seven Signs Book Two

Well everyone, the time has come to release a little information about the next installments in the D.W. Hawkins universe–yes, I’m taking about The Awakening Storm, and The Sentient Fire Revised.  You may have read the blog I released a few days ago regarding my progress on The Awakening Storm and the arrival of the new cover art.  Well, just today the cover art for the revised version of The Sentient Fire came in, and I updated my website in turn.  Such a thing wouldn’t be complete without a bit of new information, so here goes.  I know what you’re thinking–Geez, it’s about time.

First, the news everyone wants to hear–The Awakening Storm.  TAS will be released in the late summer/early fall of this year, 2015.  I’m aiming for a mid to late August release, because yours truly starts school on the 24th of that month.  I’m now under 100 pages of finishing the beast, and the last chapters always go the fastest.  The cover art is in, the final draft is being finished, and you’ll have this bad boy in your hands within a couple of months.  Believe me, I’m just as excited to get it to you as you are to read it.  I’ve put out on website that it’s coming in the Fall of 2015, so consider this official.  Sadly, it won’t feature any new character sketches the way The Sentient Fire had, but I’m currently working on getting a new and improved map made, and that will hopefully make it in time for the release.  Regardless, I will update my website with it.

The Sentient Fire Revised will come a month or two later, in the Winter of this year.  I’ve mentioned this once before, but I’m going to put it out again–this is not a packaged reselling, merely a repackaged update.  I will simply be updating the digital information for the book, so if you’ve already purchased your copy of The Sentient FIre, you get the revised version for free.  All you’ll have to do is re-download your version from either your preferred retailer or Smashwords.  Nothing in the story is changing, I’m just giving the prose a stylistic polish.  The truth is that TSF was a book that evolved with me over a long period of time, and I feel that the prose–especially in the early parts of the book–is no longer an accurate representation of the story, or me as a writer.  Vanity it may be, but don’t worry–I’m not making you pay for it.  Unless, that is, you want a print copy.  That, I can’t really control.  Look for The Sentient Fire Revised around October of this year, 2015.

On to even more news:  There is now a plan in the works to have The Sentient Fire Revised and The Awakening Storm converted into Audiobooks!  After the release of TSF Revised, work will begin on getting the two huge tomes read by someone amazing, and hopefully those two gems will be available on Audible just in time for Christmas.  For those of you like me, who greatly enjoy a well-read audiobook, I’m sure it will be interesting to experience The Seven Signs that way.  I know it will be fun for me.

So, this year will be a big year for the D.W. Hawkins universe.  You’ll have not one, but four new things from me before the end of 2015.  Work never stops on this end, and directly after the release of The Awakening Storm, work will begin on Book Three, which is being called The Whispering Tide.  I’ll also go back to working on The Ballad of the Outrider.

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