The Sentient Fire for Under a Dollar

The Awakening Storm

The Awakening Storm–Coming Soon!

The Sentient Fire

The Sentient Fire–now just $0.99!

So.  Today has been an enlightening day, and a hectic one.  Yesterday was also a long day, because I–in my wisdom–decided that I would update my website real fast, and further integrate my blog with it.  As all things having to do with websites, it inevitably took all day to get done, and I didn’t even come close to reaching the goal I’d had in mind, instead having to go for a huge compromise.  Such is life.

Since I had just updated everything with the new book covers and graphics, I decided to go ahead and paste in the revised blurb for The Sentient Fire.  Again, this was one of those things that was going to happen real fast.  I’m sure you can guess how that worked out for me.

As it turns out, both Amazon and Smashwords had changed their book cover requirements related to image size, going from a requirement of 800 pixels wide to somewhere in the ballpark of 1400-1800.  The reason that’s such a bad thing is that with raster images–like a book cover–you can’t just resize the thing and reupload.  Oh no–you have to make the whole thing over again from scratch.  And this meant that all of my covers, which had been made to the same size requirements, were out of date and probably looked horrible on modern devices.  It constantly amazes me how fast technology moves.  So without an updated cover, I couldn’t move forward with resubmitting the book I’d already published until I had taken care of that.  I doubt anyone noticed, but for about 12 hours I went dark.

The reason why that was such a bad thing is that I recently had my computer crash–as some of you may have read–and had switched from MS Word to LibreOffice Writer.  So not only did I have to make three brand-spanking new book covers, I had to reformat my entire Gods-damned manuscript.  Plus figure out the nuances of Libre besides your basic point-and-type functions.  All in all, it has been a hectic and really fun day.  I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.

Not to worry, though–I did finish it all up.  In fact, I decided that if I was in need of an update, I might as well add some back matter and redo everything, so I did.  No, TSF Revised is not out yet, but there is a new cover and a revised blurb, and some promo material in the back.  If you’ve already downloaded, then look back in the next couple of weeks (considering all the distribution channels update quickly) and you can get your new version.  Or, you can wait for TSF Revised.

For those of you who haven’t yet bought The Sentient Firethough, I’ve decided to run a promotion.  From today until The Awakening Storm is released, The Sentient Fire is only $0.99.  That’s around 340,000 words–a true epic length fantasy novel–for under a dollar.  I know the Kindle price is updated, but you Nook and Apple users may have to wait for the price to filter down from Smashwords, or you can go right over to Smashwords and buy the book in any format you need.

Click here to get your copy of The Sentient Fire for just $0.99 (Kindle)

Here for Smashwords

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