Beneath the Burning Sky

Today I’d like to announce the first in a long serial set hundreds of years after the events in the Seven Signs.

I’ve hinted around here and there at a large project I’ve got brewing, and Beneath the Burning Sky is the starting point for something epic–yes, even bigger than the Seven Signs.  I won’t reveal too much at this point, but you can bet that things have changed.  There’s a much larger story arc at work than what is featured in this short ebook, but the rest of the serial will be released in the next couple of years as the Seven Signs is finished.

Some of you may remember the character featured in Beneath the Burning Sky.  I hope you like her.  She’s going to be around for a long time.

For now, this serial will be for Kindle readers only, as it is enrolled in KDP Select.  That will change eventually, and the books will become available for other platforms, as well.  So if you’re a Kindle reader, then hop on over to Amazon and get your copy today for just $0.99!

You can buy it here.

From the blurb…

The war between the Alliance of Sovereign Nations and the Revealed Empire has been raging for nearly an entire generation.  The Alliance, despite how hard it has fought, has been unable to stop the Empire’s inexorable advance.  But the conflict will soon come to a head, and both sides will put everything they have on the field.

These are the stories from the front.

Beneath the Burning Sky

Now available on Kindle for $0.99!

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