Let’s Move Again…Again

Hello all, it’s been awhile, yet again.  You all know I’m a sporadic blogger at best, but I’m trying to get better at that.  We’ll see how this all pans out.

It’s been crazy on my end.  Some of you know that I’ve moved around like a vagabond the past few years.  From Georgia to Virginia, then back to Georgia.  After that we moved to southern Arizona, and now…Tucson.  That’s right, yours truly just moved one more time to a new place.

Tucson has really impressed me so far.  I’ve been coming here to attend school, but living here is different.  Tucson is an odd sort of place.  It’s got a strange brew of cultures and people that I’m not sure you’d find anywhere else.  Hispanic culture inundates everything here, and if the food wasn’t good enough, then the architecture will surprise you if you’re not ready for it.  My apartment building is made to look like stucco, and is painted in hues of red, yellow, and tan.  Everywhere I go there are these little villa-type houses with enclosed courtyards, and cool little tile arrangements.

Mixed in with the Mexican folks, you’ve got the hippies.  I was surprised at the community of artsy types here in Tucson.  There are artists of all sorts here, whether you’re into folky country art, or the finer stuff down the street at the University’s Fine Arts Center.  Everywhere I look there’s another girl with purple hair and tattoos inviting me to this art show or that music festival.

Now that the pot is seasoned, you toss in the Old White Folks of Arizona–OWFAs.  The OWFAs are a myriad conglomeration of people who all seem to have one defining quality:  they don’t need nothing from nobody, and they don’t need you to tell ’em jackshit, either.  It’s not uncommon to see guns on hips here in Tucson, but nobody bats an eyelash.  The OWFAs value their freedom and independence–after all, that’s probably how they found themselves here in the first place.  OWFAs come in all shapes and flavors–from hiking enthusiasts to crusty bikers and cowboys.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about Tucson, though, is how friendly everyone is.  People talk to you here, and I don’t mean in the empty way you’d see on the east coast.  If you ask a Tucsonan how their day is going, they’ll tell you.  Don’t expect a “fine” and a walk-away-quickly-without-making-eye-contact.  People from Tucson will immediately jump into conversation with you.  Every time I go out to buy something here, I find myself hanging around with my bags in hand, chatting it up with some friendly stranger.  Yesterday I went to Home Goods to buy a tray, of all things, and ended up talking about Star Wars with the girl at the cash register for a few minutes.  Today it was a guitar stand, and a conversation about how the blues scene here in town is starting to get really good.

It took me about two weeks to get everything done–or done enough to calm the madness, anyway.  Yes, that means I lost about two weeks of good writing time, but don’t fret.  Child of the Flames is still coming along, and now that this move is out of the way, things can finally settle into some semblance of normalcy.  No major timeline changes for the upcoming releases just yet, and I’ll let you guys know.

Just a quick update to say “hi” and let all you wonderful guys and gals (and anyone else on the spectrum) know what’s going on.  If any of you guys are in or near Tucson, then shoot me an email.  I’m still exploring, and having a local guide is always great for any adventure story.  Stay frosty.

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