Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Kylo Renn

I find it a little ridiculous that I’m even writing this blog post.  However, not to do so would be to ignore something that absolutely needs to be said.  Here we go…

Dear Idiots, kindly keep your politics out of my Star Wars.

We sat a few nights ago and watched a parade of craziness come across Twitter and other places on the net.  I saw everything from general complaints about the races of the actors involved in the upcoming film to outrageous claims that Star Wars actually promotes “white genocide”.  White.  Genocide.

Seriously?  Is this where we’ve gone?  Is this the kind of outrage that everyone is keen to drum up these days?  Things with no clear basis in reality, statements utterly devoid of rational thought?  Was this a 4chan prank?  Please tell me it was a 4chan prank.

Ahem…on the off chance that this was a 4chan prank–well done, nameless ones.

However, to those out there who take this ridiculous claim seriously I would say this:  Just stop.  Stop looking for things to be mad about.  You’ve got your sleeves rolled up, you’re digging in the mud and pulling out lumps of coal and proudly proclaiming them diamonds.  You don’t look very sensible with all that froth coming out of your mouth and those crazy words spewing from your gullet.  You can’t seriously believe that Star Wars or J.J. Abrams is pushing some agenda of white genocide by choosing a black actor to play the hero in the new movie.  If you seriously do, then you’re in dire need of a reality check.

We’re talking about a story that has the Force, aliens all over the place, sentient droids, evil empires, laser guns and giant wookies.  With all of that, you’re seriously worried about a black guy?!  Get over it.  Please, just get over it so the rest of us can stop talking about these so-called “issues” and just get back to the excitement.

On that note, what is wrong with a black hero?  Who cares about the color of his skin?  IT MEANS NOTHING!  This modern idea that skin color is of the utmost importance goes completely against the painstaking work that civil rights leaders throughout our history have been doing.  Do you think that what MLK would have wanted was people concentrating so hard on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or creed?  No!  What they wanted was for society to move past these arbitrary things and see only the things about people that matter–who they are and what they accomplish.  They envisioned a rising tide lifting everyone to the same level, not a giant sword chopping anything offensive from our society.

Here’s a thought.  According to modern genetics, we are 99.98% genetically identical to chimpanzees.  How close do you think that makes you to every human being on the planet?  You may as well be worried about the color of someone’s leg hair if you’re going to worry about skin color.  It’s just arbitrary genetic packaging for what really makes us who we are.

This is simply another outgrowth of the P.C. outrage culture from the other side.  On the left you have the Progressive nannies that want to police everyone’s speech, thoughts, feelings, and workplaces for offensive material, and now the other side has figured out how to mine popular culture for things that piss them off.  Congratulations, you’ve discovered how to toss more mud on the pile.  Welcome to being part of the problem.

They tried to take our Heavy Metal.  They tried to water down our comic books.  They have been trying very hard to ruin video games for everyone, and now they come after my Star Wars.

So, go ahead.  Boycott Star Wars, and good luck making any dent in a franchise that crashed ticket servers in the U.K. the same day they went on sale.  Good luck destroying a story that grew from a cult film to infect the very speech that we use every day–or have you never told someone to “use the Force”?  Do you think you can stop something that inspired a march on the Great Wall of China?  Go ahead.  Stay home.

There will be more seats for nerds like me if you do.

Sorry to get political with you guys, but I feel these things need to be said.  I grew up with Star Wars, and as odd as it sounds, it means a lot to me.  To have the things I love–metal, comics, video games, comedy, and now Star Wars–attacked and defamed on such a basis of stupidity really makes me angry.

Work continues on Child of the Flames, and I’m pretty sure you guys are going to love the reboot in general.  I’m probably going to let a sneak peek go to my mailing list next month, so don’t forget to JOIN THE CONCLAVE and tap into all that’s going on in my world.  Like/Share/Subscribe and all of that happy stuff.

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