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  1. Ian William Happer Reply

    Hello from the UK,

    I found your books on Amazon about 2 weeks ago and bought them, though I was a bit unsure about them. Now what pleasant surprise I found in reading the first one, it hooked me and would not let go. Great books from you, great story line and I cannot wait till the next one ( says he with bated breath ) lol. How often will you publish your books, one a year or more? Keep up the great story line… I am Englisc and love fantasy books…


    Ian…from the UK…

    P.S A little test for you… Have I spell’t Englisc right?

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      Hi from Arizona,

      I’m stoked you’re enjoying the books so much. I’m trying to get on a 90 day publishing schedule, though at the moment I’m struggling to maintain a 120 day cycle, lol. The next should be available at the end of September.

      And if you’re going for the Norse hard ‘sc,’ then I’d say sure–you spell’t it just fine haha.

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