My name is D.W. Hawkins.  I write books, and you should read them.

This is the fourth time I’ve attempted to write this self-description.  Anyone who has ever written one of these–or maybe their own dating profile–is smiling right now in sympathy.  It’s tough, describing yourself.  What you’re probably wondering is who I am, and what sort of books I write.

Let’s get down to it, then.

I love fantasy.  I’ve always loved fantasy, ever since I was a wee little squirt.  I started with Men of Iron for a book report in grade school, and soon turned to things like Pawn of Prophecy and The Wheel of Time–not necessarily back-to-back.  These days I find myself drawn more to the Grimdark category, though I don’t think you could consider my stuff Grimdark.  What is it that I think makes a good book, then?

Characters you give a shit about, a plot, and lots of blood and magic.

My writing is violent at times.  I like to explore different themes, like revenge, war, love, politics, and philosophy.  I’m a student of the world, and I put that enthusiasm into my writing.  I try hard not to pull any punches, but I also try not to punch without reason.


They can be violent.

There’s cursing–oh no!

There’s sex sometimes (not often).

There are cannibals.

Lots of people die, many by magic.  Magic is cool.

Witty dialogue.

So, if after all of that, you’re still undeterred in the intention to read my work, then be warned:

You can find information about my books right here on this website.  Follow any of the links in the header, and you can check me out on social media.  You can even email me at authordwhawkins (a) gmail

So be careful.  You never know what could happen.  Maybe you’ll start reading, and then what would your parents think?

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  1. Vishnu Reply


    I was introduced to your writing, when I accidentally came across the booklet titled ‘Beneath the Burning Sky’.

    Needless to say I absolutely loved it and immediately looked to get my hands on a copy of the next book. However, I was unable to locate the same.

    I know that you must be receiving thousands of emails from random fans, however I would be eternally grateful if you could at least confirm that the next book exists and if the same is available for purchase in India. Your website too, seems to be silent on this.

    Thank you,


    P.S: I sincerely hope you are working to expand and complete the Exordium series and that it would be in an affordable price range.

  2. Rajeev Reply

    I accidentally found your book child of the flames on kindle and i have to say it’s absolutely fabulous. I have been a reader of fantasy genre for a long time now and found dozens of horrible books for every single badass one. Your book however is quite close to the top of badass shelf just behind a few of my all time favorites. The magic system in your world is new and fresh but at the same time wonderful, if i have a small suggestion that will be to explain the castings a bit more. The song is everywhere and wizards use that song but how. Why does their tune affect the tune of the elements can they bend the tune of another wizard to their own.
    I think i am rambling by this point but truly this book and your writing style is awesome looking forward all other books.

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      Some in places you can see, others in places only my special ladies can see lol. Kidding. Kind of.

      I do need to get more, though.

      Thanks! Hope everything is awesome. You’re in Australia? Asking because of the email address. That’s awesome; didn’t know I had any readers there. I’ve always wanted to visit. I saw a YouTube video about these people sailing around the islands on the east coast and it made me want to buy a sailboat lol. Cheers

  3. Simon Bullen Reply

    I accidently bought book 3 on Amazon! I was worried it was going to be a “boy wizard” story aimed at children! As I paid fill price for book 3 I decided to buy 1 and 2 and force my way through them ! I was very wrong ! The sorry quickly entrapped me (like magic) and I was hooked ! I’m nearing the end of book 3 and I don’t want it to end ! I also think it would make a great tv series too !! Any rough news when book 4 will be released ?

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      Look for it around the end of Summer, or the beginning of Fall. August/September time frame. It’s coming along, but I’m still working on it. And I’m glad you found me on accident–happy coincidences do happen from time to time lol. Stoked to be in your library, hope to carve out my own corner and fill it with 1,000 awesome books. Cheers!

  4. Debs Reply

    I finished reading a Patrick rothfuss book and he hadn’t finished writing the next one in the series, aarrrrgh ( hate it when that happens! lol), so started trolling through book titles on Amazon of the same genre….found “child of the flames” , gave it a go, loved it , just finished it and have immediately bought the next one to start reading tonight. Just read about you, I’ve also got tattoos, so win win . Excellent books that are able to take me into the world of fantasy, which I need right now, I lost my husband 7 weeks ago, he was only 45, so thanks for being able to keep me focused on the pages with your writing.✊

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      So sorry to hear about your husband. I’m deeply honored that you’re finding a little solace in my work; I hope it continues to help. Thanks so much for your time and attention, especially in such a tough situation. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Paul Reply

    I have just found you and am captured by your world. Having just finished reading Michael J Sullivan’s latest work I was looking for another world to get lost in and you have come along to join my other favourite authors such as Hobb, Sanderson, Brett, Moorcock plus a few more. I enjoyed your work, the story ebbed and flowed at just the right pace, with just the right amount of magic, humor, horror, and sarcasm and danger, a bit more history of the world would be helpful to add depth to the story. I am hoping the dark side of the story gets more flesh than in this book. It just feels all the power is held by the four main characters who all have magic and seem to be impervious to the effects of using the magic they have. All magic has limits and I am wondering what else they can do and what can be brought against them. Magic has to be consistent for example they could of burnt the red ship like they did in the port. It would be disappointing to discover another thing they can do just to get out of danger. So its back to Amazon for the next installment. Thank you for this story, my bench mark for a good book is it finishes too soon and this certainly did

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      Hi–thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad you’re enjoying my work so much. As for the magic and all that–there are reasons for things happening the way they do. I try to bury my exposition about background and mechanical elements, though, because one of the things I’ve always hated is the way some books will dump a lot of information on you in this huge, ham-fisted block of text. I try to introduce things when they need to be explained, and do it in an artful way. I don’t always succeed, I’m sure, but I always try lol.

      I like to think of my world, and the stories that take place there, as if I’m writing the history of a distant planet. I’ve even sat down and figured out how many days it takes for a year to pass, how long the seasons are, etc. As for magic, the most limiting thing is always the mind of the caster. You’ve got one like D’Jenn, for example, who values learning as much as he can about the world around him because that knowledge alone affects the way he sees the world, and how he would use his magic to interact with it. Dormael enjoys having a lot of power and throwing it around, so his castings tend to be more explosive. Bethany is still learning, and so she goes with her intuition a lot of times. Even these characters, though, may not know all there is to know about magic, the same way that people back in the Renaissance knew that they breathed air, could feel it, interact with it, etc, but didn’t know much about the nature of molecules, states of matter, the way climate moves and what forces work upon it–you get the point. There are secrets I’m keeping about the magic that may reveal themselves in later series, but for this one, I don’t like to explain them in a way that a character wouldn’t think them, if that makes sense. I’m limited by what the characters would know.

      I did write a post about magic, though. If you’re interested, you can read it HERE. I don’t promise it will answer any of your questions lol.

      Thanks again, and I hope I can keep you interested through the rest of the series.

    • authordwhawkins Reply

      Hey–your comment got buried in the spam. If you want the free book you have to join the mailing list. Look up on the navigation tab, enter your email, and it will be sent right to you. Thanks!

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