The City Under the Mountain

(Working cover–THIS WILL CHANGE)

In the savage north, an ancient relic awakens.

Dormael and his friends trek into a perilous hinterland, seeking their next piece of the shattered Nar’doroc.  Beset by vicious monstrosities, they delve into forgotten pits where ancient secrets await.  Across the Stormy Sea, Nalia Arynthaal, Princess of the Winter Passes, dives into the midst of an empire at war.  With nothing but guile and icy resolve, she works to restore her family’s honor, and revenge herself upon those who destroyed it.

But more sinister players—old and new—lie in wait to ravage and reap.

Will the next piece of the Nar’doroc be recovered?  Will the Galanian Empire continue its unending march of conquest?  What will happen when evil once again stirs in the shadows?

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