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Gods of Eldath: Devla

DevlaAnd now it was that Devla, daughter of Light and Shadow, she of the Eternal Cycle and source of life, looked down upon the creation of her husband, Evmir.  “I see your mountains,” said she.  “I see your lakes, your rivers, your storms and snow.  But your creation is not yet whole.”

She hummed first a lullaby, for the world was a babe in the Void.  Devla passed the world thrice through the flame, warming it with the Light of her father.  As her song was hummed to the world, it began to awaken from it’s barren slumber.  All things green and growing rose from the dirt, awakening to her song.

She then went down amongst the mountains, lakes, rivers, and the sea, and everywhere she went, she danced to her wild song.  She swam through the ocean, and all the fish sprang forth from her, to swim alongside.  From there she went to the land, and danced among the fields and forests, giving birth to the beasts of the hunt.  So mad was she with ecstasy for the dance that she rose into the sky, and birds came tumbling from her hair.

She danced for a thousand ages, until all of Eldath was seeded.  It is the reason Devla is called Mistress of Beasts, Lady of the Hunt, the Eternal Mother.  The world was no longer a babe, but had bloomed as the rose in spring.  Now the other gods saw her beauty, and came to give their blessings.

~From The Epic of Creation, stanzas 12-15


The Thousand Names

I usually don’t like to jump into a new series while I’m in the middle of writing my own stuff.  It tends to muddy the waters a bit, but after a friend recommended this book to me, I decided to give it a shot.  I was not disappointed.

The Thousand Names isn’t like your normal sword-and-sorcery fantasies.  It’s part of a growing sub-genre lovingly referred to as “flintlock fantasy”.  That’s right–it’s got cannons, muskets, and magic.  I thought that it would be hard to get into, but I was wrong.

I got this one at Audible, and the audiobook was really good.  The narrator did a great job of bringing the story to life, and the book itself instantly grabbed my attention.  I love a good military element in my fantasy stories, and Wexler did an amazing job of making this sort of combat gritty and interesting.  On top of that, the magic in his story is a little darker and different than I was used to, which ended up being awesome.  Every point of view character was really well written and interesting, and the story itself was awesome.  This series is right up there with The Gentlemen Bastards for me, so I thought I would rave about it and recommend it to you guys.

Also, I was wondering if you all could make some recommendations to me.  I’d like to read a good indie sci-fi/fantasy series, and who better to let me know where to find them?  Anyone know of any hidden gems?