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Updates, and a Big Load of Bore Snark

Just writing a quick update to let you guys know what’s going on. Work continues on The City under the Mountain, and the Conclave-exclusive serial, The Ballad of the Outrider, is also coming along. I’m still looking at a mid October release for City, but that is still a tentative date.

Also—I’m trying a new writing method. I’ve been hearing good things about dictation, so I picked up a program and decided to give it a try. There is a bit of a learning curve, but everything I’ve read says that it doubles your writing speed once the initial hurdle is out of the way. I’ve been doing it for the last two nights, and so far, it’s working pretty well.

In fact, I’m dictating this letter right now. It’s a little weird. In all honesty, though, I think this is going to seriously improve things. Once I get the hang of speaking all my punctuation, first drafts will flow like radiation from the sun.

The main reason I’m writing today is to let you all know of the sale I’ll be running starting Monday, September 18. Child of the Flames will be going on sale for $0.99 (£0.99 in the UK). It will remain at that price for the entire week and go back to $2.99 on Friday, September 22 (£1.99 in the UK). If you’ve yet to pull the trigger on The Seven Signs, or have friends who have been waiting to do so, next week would be prime time to get it done.

I know most of you have already read it, but you can help by heading over to Amazon and leaving it an honest review. If you haven’t already, that is. If you’ve done all that, then you can always share it with a friend. Nothing wrong with sharing, right? Right?

If you’re seeing this post on your social media, feel free to plant some hashtags on this bastard and let it sail. Send it to your grandma. After all, she’s always sending you those weird conspiracy posts about the flat Earth, and how the globalists want to control you with pop music.

Send it to Becky. She totally deserves it. She probably knows why, too.

As always, much love and respect. This thing makes you want to say all kinds of dumb shit. Playing with it is kind of fun. Tiddlywinks. But to lease breaks. Being KeyBank he bulky. Sheesh I’m in a period. Full fuck and stop. Be back in a month’s thinker Pinker piker pick a pack of pickled pepper Peter Packer. I ha ha ha Peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers. BORE Snark!!! THE SHADOW MASTERS ARE WATCHING YOU

This dictation thing is so much fun. I’m leaving all that in there, too. Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

Spam Comments III: What Happens on a Boat in Jersey

It’s time for another episode of Spam Comments, also known as the day I put aside to muck out the stalls of my comments section.  It’s here that we dive deep into the nonsensical mutterings of Asian click farms, and say hello to the Russian hackers.  Also, in all likelihood, the NSA.

Let’s start things off with this mushroom-enhanced poster:

imitation bvlgari jewelry necklaces
i got a sky dragon by breeding tropical and elctric

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Ooooooh, Sky Dragon, eh?  I can’t tell if that’s some new, smack-you-in-the-face strain of weed, or some kind of lizard.  What gets me about this comment is the lack of a shady link.  What are they trying to sell?  Sky lizards?  Mushrooms?  I love how the contact is “imitation bulgari necklaces.”  I think someone got their A.I. drunk.

Next, we have an amateur poet…

kem upsize nga
What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity
regarding unpredicted feelings.

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I always try to infuse my posts with a certain preserveness of precious familiarity, thanks for finally noticing.  Regarding those unpredicted feelings, though–the best thing to do is follow your heart.  It is the most un-ambiguous part of your being.  You’re welcome.  Go now, brave flower, find a information your heart such desires.

This next one is not for those with delicate sensibilities…

Daily porn blog updates
jerssey boys boat trip hamster sex videos hot oral sex site de sex maroc free school web proxy

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Those Jersey boys, and their crazy hamster sex boat trips.  There must be a reason those keywords found themselves together.  Maybe it’s something that happens; maybe I’m the one out of the loop, here.  Maybe there’s a whole black market for people who want their sex with hamsters on a boat in Jersey.  I just wonder, when the program that put this comment together was going out and grabbing random keywords, how it collected jersey boys, boat trip, and hamster sex.  Maybe it was just hamster and sex video.  It could have been hamster sex videos–the internet is a dark place.

Anyways, I hope everyone in the path of all those hurricanes is alright.  All for now, more to come.

Actually one more thing–I’ll be running a sale pretty soon for Child of the Flames, so if your friends have yet to take a chance on it, a good opportunity is coming.  Work continues on The City Under the Mountain, so keep your eyes open for more sales as October draws closer.

Much love, and JOIN THE CONCLAVE for some free stuff, like the new Ballad of the Outrider: Season One that I just released.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email to get the serial directly in your inbox for FREE.

Come and get some.

Updates on The City Under the Mountain

So, having pushed out a bit of news on this subject weeks ago to my mailing list, I realized–somewhat belatedly–that I had yet to update everyone else.  This is why I need an assistant.

With brevity, City is going to be delayed.  I have someone very close to me who is very sick, and it has put a wrench in my planning.  I had hoped to get three books out before the end of the year, but now it’s looking like only two.  I wish things could be different, but some things in life are more important than work.  I know that’s not anything people want to hear, but life sometimes (always) gets in the way of our plans.  Every now and then you have to enjoy the time you have as much as you can, and this is one of those times.  I will not go into much detail, but the delays are necessary and inevitable.

I’m putting the release of The City Under the Mountain off until mid-October.  As of right now, that’s the earliest I see everything getting done.  With that being said, I have made some arrangements to try and complete it sooner.  I’ve hired some help around the house–most of you know I’m a single dad, which takes up a lot of time–and arranged my schedule in such a way as to give me ample time to complete the book before outside elements can have more of an effect than they already have.

I’m working on the final draft now, so hopefully these changes will be helpful.  We’ll see.

Also, if you’re a Conclave member who has subbed in the last few days, check your email for the first installment of The Ballad of the Outrider: Season One.  New subscribers should now have access to the serial in the final welcome email, so if you haven’t subscribed, it’s a good time to start.

Don’t worry.  I won’t tell your mom.

All for now.  More later.  Much love.